Community Profile Free Profiles Ending

Dear Townfolio Users,

Today we made a challenging decision. We have decided to remove our community profile system of Canadian and US municipalities.

Please note: Profiles of paid users WILL STILL BE LIVE!

Your paid profiles and website embeds will not be affected by this change.

Since late 2015, has provided open data in user-friendly dashboards to almost 200,000 people in 192 countries, accounting for almost one million page views.

We are big believers and early pioneers in the open data movement and are honoured to have served so many people!

That said, we are a small, hard-working team and have decided that the maintenance of over 38,000 profiles and requests from web traffic has become too challenging.

We are going to instead focus our efforts solely on servicing our paid clients and drive traffic to their websites.

We will be taking down non-paid community profiles as of July. 8th.

All paid profiles will still be live and free for public usage and logins will no longer be required.

Paid profiles are profiles where a customer (most likely an economic development organization or a local government) has partnered with Townfolio on a dashboard for their community.

Thank you for your support!


Team Townfolio