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Ready to Get More out of Your Townfolio?

It’s as simple as filling out your Overview page. For real!

Townfolio was created to solve the pain points of economic developers. If you’ve read our first few articles on our blog, you’re probably saying.. I know, cut to the chase!


To most people, data is boring. But, if it is incorporated into a nice design people start to get interested. Even more interesting, people love stumbling across new business opportunities.

Business Opportunities? Excellent.

We’ve tried to make your Townfolio incorporate both of these elements; your data displayed in an intriguing way and also shows business opportunities your community has to offer.

If you want to increase traffic to your profile, your overview page needs to be complete. Simple as that. With profile analytics we’re starting to get the data to prove this works. We’ll get to that in a minute.

First off. Here are the Must-Dos if you want to maximize your Townfolio..

  • Make sure your Community Logo & Backdrop fits properly and isn’t blurry.
  • Write a quick overview about why your community is awesome. Think of it as an elevator pitch on why someone should choose your community over anywhere else.
  • Display your Target Industries to help guide our search engine
  • Last but not least, display your Businesses Wanted!

Bonus: Add a Youtube video and a Profile Picture on the Contact Us page.

An Example of How To Maximize Your Profile!

If we have learned anything so far, profile visitors love to see specific business opportunities. This might be the chatter from coffee row or actually backed by firm research.

Either way, if you know what is needed, promote it! We’re bringing in visitors from around the world and they are looking for an opportunity.

To put some numbers to this..

Communities with a semi-fully complete overview page are receiving 10–100X the traffic compared to incomplete pages!

Of course, traditional & social media +website link & chart embeds can also help skyrocket your page views, but we’ll cover that next time.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Team Townfolio

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