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Product questions

Contact us! We can work with you and your team to get more data up there in no time. You can now also upload your own custom charts. Login to your profile to learn more.

The reason is pretty simple. It keeps viewers on your website where all of your information lives and your competition doesn’t. Think about it, you worked hard to get traffic to your site, and now you want to send them to a different site to learn more about you? OR the embedded graphs and information are right there for them to use. AND, it makes you look so. dang. good. So what does this mean for you? : as a municipality, you have everything a potential investor is looking for to make data-based decision making. You look professional, prepared and pretty dang snazzy in our opinion. Don’t have the budget to build or outsource a super fancy website? Embed’s dress it up, making the site look high tech even if it isn’t. We could go on and on but those are by far the biggest reasons.

Absolutely. Profile users can upload data into their profile to build custom charts. Townfolio also builds custom charts for a fee, sourcing data from city users and all over the internet. Further custom data/charts and data sources (such as paid, third party data) can also be added on a project basis. At Townfolio, our focus and approach is to work directly with the economic developer or city user. After all, who better knows the area than the people who live in the community themselves? We work with you to make sure the datasets best match your community to make it as accurate as possible.

Data updates depend on the data set. For some datasets, they are updated monthly, others are updated quarterly while others are updated yearly. For example, the Ontario Energy Board updates their time-of-use rates every 6 months and our script would detect changes and update our database within 2-3 days of notification.

On average, most datasets are updated and checked on a monthly basis to ensure the most recent figures are displayed for our PRO customers. LITE customers unfortunately don’t receive as many frequent updates on census data; however, any local data will be regularly checked on.

Users are able to see information from demographics, labour force, companies, education, transportation, incentives, taxation, quality of life, and real estate. We generally try to follow IEDC data standards to help create structure with the data. However, we also try to add a “spice of new” to make the profiles more interactive and engaging.

Yes! We encourage you to share your Townfolio community profile on your website and on other platforms. It will help improve your communities SEO on Google, along with other online marketing initiatives. Most other communities have already shared their Townfolio on their website: example.

Pricing Questions

We offer paid plans called to economic developers and governments interested in a comprehensive community profile and/or interactive dashboard for economic development, planning, city performance and other uses. You can find the differences here. Did you know that 9/10 communities on Townfolio get a PRO plan?

Townfolio questions

For businesses and entrepreneurs Townfolio is a marketplace to discover new business opportunities curated from economic development professionals while also acting as a go-to source for updated market data from the most credible online sources. We use Townfolio software to automate the community profile, visualizing local market data from the most credible online sources and keeping it up-to-date.

Close to 25,000 cities, towns, villages, special areas, counties, provinces, and states are represented on Townfolio! Over 20,000 in the US and over 3,000 in Canada! **AND GROWING!

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We get our data from three avenues:
1) Hundreds of sources of open data (mainly from governments),
2) Paid sources
3) At the most proprietary level from our users: the economic developers and municipalities themselves creating the most robust database of community profiles.
Contact us to request a list of sources in Canada or the United States.

In general, Townfolio gets around 20,000 visitors per month. In addition, all account holders have the ability to track the visitors for their specific community profiles as well under ‘User Settings’.

Townfolio has a vision for a global marketplace and we’ve been in discussion with economic developers from around the world. Contact us to see how we can assist you or add your municipality/region to the marketplace.

Townfolio is unique. Unlike other solutions in the market, we have focused our efforts on information being easily accessible, while at the same time, visually appealing.

Our audience would include any outside visitors, economic developers, site selectors, investors, other government parties, and anyone that knows Townfolio offers general municipal data!

Townfolio is there to support your website. Although we encourage users to take advantage of the low costing embed so that traffic stays on your site, we understand that not all municipalities have the resources for it. Linking your profile to your site is then the next best thing. Don’t forget the other use of Townfolio for economic developers is as a personal resource of easily accessible, accurate, and up to date information about your municipality. Let’s say you have someone call you requesting information that you don’t know off hand, you can simply head to your profile and pull the information instantly. You can reference it, download it, or direct that person to the profile to learn more. The options are endless… and yours!

Account Setting Questions

Contact us and we can sort that out for you!

The optimal image size 1200 x 600 pixels and a maximum file size of 1 MB.

Economic Development

Economic Development is the practice of mobilizing businesses, stakeholders and community leaders to attract and promote investment within your community. The practice is important to many players in different ways.

Economic Development provides local support to businesses in your community. If you are a business owner Economic Developers have access to resources to help you grow. If you are a real estate developer, Economic Developers have the connections to help you invest in the best business opportunity for optimum returns.

Each community or economic development organization is offered a community profile on Townfolio to share comprehensive information about their municipality or region. If you don’t see your community or region, just give us a shout out and we can fix that up in no time.

Townfolio helps connect economic developers (EDO) through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) by offering accessible data and dynamic features. Each community profile can be searched, shared and compared by businesses. When an economic developer joins Townfolio, they will become part of a network of communities actively promoting investment attraction.

This is a person responsible for finding new facility locations for both businesses and governments. This involves measuring the needs of a new project and also using data to judge potential locations for expansion. Site Selectors use Townfolio to find accurate data and resources to help them make the best investment decision.

In general, we suggest that you look through your profile every few weeks to make sure that the profile is up to date. As we start adding services to the platform, this will increase exponentially.