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December 2018 Webinar: Custom City Dashboards Powered by Townfolio

Townfolio: The Platform for Custom City Dashboards!

We keep getting asked: “is Townfolio data just census data?”

The short answer is, no. Our platform goes so much deeper than just Census data. 

Our ability to build custom dashboards is only limited to your imagination and access to the data 🙂

If you’d like to learn how, sign-up for our upcoming webinar.

Here’s what to expect in the webinar:

*How cities are utilizing Townfolio for custom charts

*What kind of custom data can be added into Townfolio

*How to add third party data to Townfolio

*How to add projections to your community profile and embeds

*How to export all of your data to automate reports

*How to build your own charts

*How Townfolio can serve NGO’s, City Planners, Government Agencies and Other Clients