Community Performance Dashboard

Keep your community informed with Townfolio’s new interactive dashboard. Educate and engage your citizens while simplifying your internal benchmarking, and automate tedious reporting

It’s never been more important to foster transparent communication with your community. But how can you create that conversation? Townfolio’s new “Community Performance Dashboard” is the best way to inform your citizens through customizable key performance indicators.

Keep Stakeholders Informed

The Townfolio Community Development Dashboard is your community’s new single source of truth. Easily keep your citizens and council informed on all of the progress City Hall is making with a convenient and easy-to-navigate interactive dashboard.

Track and Benchmark

The Townfolio Community Dashboard layers open public data with your community’s unique datasets to create a comprehensive data profile. The Dashboard is a web-based app, easily embedded on your municipal website.

Inform Decision Making

Build a better understanding of your city’s data and trends. Empower City Hall to make decisions and take action in areas that affect the health and liveability of your community.

Strengthen relationships with your citizens through improved transparency and accessibility. Show the people what their local government is working on.

Automate Reporting

Save time and resources by automating reporting. Streamline workflows by downloading charts and reports straight from the dashboard.


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