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Five things Elijah learned at the EDA Conference

I recently went to the Economic Development Alberta Conference in Banff, Alberta. It was my very...

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Inter-Office Communication Tools for the Economic Development Team

In a recent Townfolio blog post, we took some time to discuss the importance of using...

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Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) Tools for Economic Developers

The prosperity of every community is tied to economic development. At Townfolio, we’re familiar with the...

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What Shawn learned at BCEDA

Shawn was blessed with the amazing opportunity to visit the BCEDA Conference a few weeks ago...

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How to build a Community Profile

A community profile is a snapshot of your local community at any point in time. These...

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What Shawn learned at the IEDC Leader Summit

Last month I had the privilege of representing Townfolio at the IEDC Leaders Summit in Fort...

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4 Affordable Marketing Solutions for City Websites

The Internet has become a major tool for economic developers. It has allowed us to connect...

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Chart Descriptions

We’ve all been there as Economic Developers. The data for our community says one thing, but...

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