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Takeaways From Our Chat with Ahbi Nemani, Founder of

No matter what career or endeavour you may find yourself engaged in, or how much success...

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New Platform Feature – Townfolio Demographic Projections

How does an organization, a community, or a government make the right decisions on important matters...

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Why GovData Matters

β€œData – a collection of facts (numbers, words, measurements, observations, etc) that has been translated into...

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Community Spotlight – Woodlands, MB

Welcome to Woodlands The Interlake region of Manitoba, nestled between two of the most dominating features...

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2019 Prairie Innovation

Townfolio had the privilege of attending the 2019 Prairie Innovation Fair in our hometown of Saskatoon,...

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The Power of Data

Data refers to a set of statistics or facts collected together for analysis. In a bid...

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What I Learned at EDAM 2019

As we move through May and see temperatures regularly climb into the "teens", we can confidently...

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Workers Remittance, the Global Economy, and its Impact on Canadian Economic Policy

To be Canadian is to inherently be international. The vast majority of Canadians are only a...

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