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The Power of Data

Data refers to a set of statistics or facts collected together for analysis. In a bid...

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Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) Tools for Economic Developers

The prosperity of every community is tied to economic development. At Townfolio, we’re familiar with the...

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City Dashboards, Community Analysis, Economic Development

What Shawn learned at BCEDA

Shawn was blessed with the amazing opportunity to visit the BCEDA Conference a few weeks ago...

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Chart Descriptions

We’ve all been there as Economic Developers. The data for our community says one thing, but...

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City Dashboards, Community Analysis, Community Profile, Data, Economic Development, Webinars

Dec 2018 Webinar: Custom City Dashboards Powered by Townfolio

Townfolio: The Platform for Custom City Dashboards! NOTE: THIS WEBINAR HAS BEEN COMPLETED -> VIEW IT...

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Community Analysis, Community Profile, Data, Economic Development, Economic Development Software

Why Townfolio Data is so Much More Than “Just Census”

We keep getting asked: “is Townfolio data just census data?”. The answer is, no. Our platform...

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Filipinos’ immigration growth fuels entrepreneurial opportunities

Statistics Canada reported that Tagalog is now the second most common mother tongue in Saskatoon and...

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