City Dashboards, Community Analysis, Data, Economic Development

The Power of Data

Data refers to a set of statistics or facts collected together for analysis. In a bid...

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City Dashboards, Community Analysis, Economic Development

What Shawn learned at BCEDA

Shawn was blessed with the amazing opportunity to visit the BCEDA Conference a few weeks ago...

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City Dashboards, Data, Government

What Shawn learned at the IEDC Leader Summit

Last month I had the privilege of representing Townfolio at the IEDC Leaders Summit in Fort...

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City Dashboards, Community Analysis, Community Profile, Data, Economic Development, Webinars

Dec 2018 Webinar: Custom City Dashboards Powered by Townfolio

Townfolio: The Platform for Custom City Dashboards! NOTE: THIS WEBINAR HAS BEEN COMPLETED -> VIEW IT...

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City Dashboards, Community Profile, Data, Economic Development, Economic Development Software

Townfolio Summer 2018 Product Update

Over the summer, Townfolio worked hard to ensure that our software remained the best analytics platform...

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