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4 Top Things I have Learnt working for a startup as a summer intern

When things were finalized for to work with Townfolio over the summer, I was super excited. I had a lot of expectations of working with a startup. Who wouldn’t be? After watching popular movies like Founder, Joy, The Social Network, and others that explored the entrepreneurial journeys of what we could relatively call social legends.

  1. Be Adaptable

Realistically in just two months, I feel like I just went on an insane roller coaster ride ten times. No, I am not exaggerating! My job position first entailed digital marketing and gradually expanded to be a bit of, human resources, sales, customer support, admin work, data research, and a bit of business development. But through all the twists and turns, it has refined me to be a fluid and a quick learner.

  1. Flaunt your confidence (to some extent)

With each tasks came the need to be confident in my abilities and at the same to have no shame to ask questions or to be corrected. Confidence and a positive attitude made it easier to tackle daily tasks, talk to clients with confidence, propose ideas to my bosses, and have an openness to learn as much as possible.

  1.     You just gotta grind

Unlike Hollywood, my work was not all roses and fireworks. Before you assume, don’t worry I am not a victim of per say “Horrible Bosses”. Bluntly honest there were times I didn’t want to do some of the tasks I was given. It’s not that I didn’t like my work, they were simply repetitive tasks that needed to be completed. But in some quirky way it also made me realize in order to get desired results it’s essential to grind through the “less exciting work”.

  1.     Just keep swimming (Perseverance):

My bosses have also taught me the biggest example of perseverance. When the idea of Townfolio germinated in the minds of Davie and Ryley, they didn’t just wake up the next morning with the finished product. They spent a whole year to confirm that there was market-product fit. That alone made me understand nothing happens overnight and the importance of preparation meeting opportunity.

Lastly, Davie and Ryley have also changed my perception of company culture. (Disclaimer: I am not trying to kiss up). In different ways, they have taken steps to make sure that the input, wellbeing, and work experience of our team is holistic.